Handmade ethically sourced rabbit fur cat and dog toys

So how did we begin? I once saw an exhibitor with a squeaky real fur mouse at a local dog show. I needed one. My Butter adored it and played with it until we had to give it back, soggy and chewed, to its rightful owner. So I hunted high and low for this mouse. Nobody made or sold real fur mice anymore. I was devastated! So I began trying to find professionally tanned fur that was ethically sourced. Bingo! I found a company in England that produced just that! The English Rabbit Fur Company (also available on Etsy) are incredibly dedicated in their search for ethical fur that are a genuine by-product of the meat industry from top quality farms.
Well I bought some furs, toyed with some designs, and made a mouse. Bragged about it to some friends on Facebook and before I knew it everybody else wanted one. Through my friends, different designs and noises and colours came about until we have what is available today.